[DOMAIN MAPPING] issue with Divi

I have some domains which will not use SSL.

I have set up Domain Mapping to not force https on all sites.

All domains are mapped now using select in select: http/https.

“Administration mapping” and “Login mapping” are set up right now as “mapped domain”.

Thank to that users can log in to dashboard using mapped domain name, not original domain (subsite).

At this point all works fine.

My point is to have “Administration mapping” and “Login mapping” set up as “original domain”.

Host say:

it is in our workflow to add SSL to all certs however depending on the type of cert it can take days to weeks at which time the site admin is vulnerable since it doesn't have httpS

Our workflow is that strict https is forced via the CDN provider for *.****.com.

Flexible and opportunistic SSL is enabled for new domains.

SSL is purchased and applied. Can take at a min of 3-10 days for simple ssl certs to be applied.

After certs are installed SSL on that domain is forced strict via the CDN.

That is why it is important to have the login forced to use the original domain. All of my clients do not have SSL so I have to utilized original domain and not mapped domain.

Divi visual builder (on front end) is receiving the incorrect paramerters and instead of showing the original doman ( the same as the editor ) it is showing the mapped domain.

The workaround is to:

1: not use divi visual builder

2: have SSL on all domains and enable mapped domains for functionality

3: use unsecured connections on root domain

4: use unsecured connections on addon domain

5: resolve the issue in the code such that the original domain functions with divi