Domain mapping issues


I've tried to solve this issue by reading other posts, but am not able - so here are the steps I've taken so far and the issues I'm having...

My site:

- Have domain mapping plugin installed.
- Have settings configured for users to set their own domain
- Using for domain (my own trial setup)
- At godaddy and viewing under "Nameservers," I set "I want to park my domains"
- Under Total DNS, set A Record to the IP address listed inside account (tools/domain mapping)
- Inserted into account at (tools/domain mapping)
- For CNAME, left as is (cname = www, points to = @)

When I enter my new domain name, I get a blank screen with a bit of text at the top of page that reads" Could not determine user from environment"

Have I entered the hosting (A, cname) information incorrectly?