Domain mapping issues, redirecting back to main domain


I have an issues on my multisite subdomain installation. I have a new site (now 2 sites) and I cannot get a external subdomain to mapp to my multisite correctly, it keeps looping back to the

I have followed your instructions and setup the new domain in cPanel to point the domain A record to the servers dedicated IP.

I have added a wildcard * entry to the in cPanel.

I have added the domain to be mapped to Parked domains/Aliases with no redirection (have tried redirecting to

I have then mapped using your plugin on the site in question to map the new domain to the new sites subdomain. It even reports back as valid.

i have rebuilt the permalinks of both sites.

Think something has gone wrong and would like some help



P.s i am familiar with wordpress and have setup multisites before using Mercator and had no problem. I wanted to test out your plugins for future site development on my business site, using it as a testbed.