Domain Mapping Issue/Server IP Address

Hey everyone

I am a little confused. I just installed and activated domain mapping for the first time on my multi-site and am having trouble understanding how to map a domain to a subdomain on my install.

I want to map to so that no one ever sees the "" part of the URL. However, I may have made a mistake not sure. What I did was is set my nameservers for on godaddy to host it with my Hostgator account.

But when doing so, I am of course using my Host IP addresses (dedicated) but now im lost when it says the following If you want to redirect a domain you will need to add multiple DNS "A" records pointing at the IP addresses of this server: ("my ip address")

Not sure what to do here because the IP address of the site is already owned by me and already pointing at that IP address therefore the "A" records are already set. So I tried doing this but the site just goes to my cgi bin empty page instead of directing to

Any help? Thanks so much!