Domain Mapping just redirects on first domain I map

I have created my installing a fresh wordpress 3.4, activated multi-site. Successfully created cName sites as a test. Then I installed domain mapping and pointed to displays properly on public page however, when I try to log into it it just gets into this redirect back to the login page. If I enter the incorrect credentials it tells me so, however when I enter correct credentials it just shows me the login page again.

  • Paul Barthmaier

    Hey guys, the primary domain is the one that you say is primary. So how do you say it? Well, for starters, it's the one that is the TLD (top-level-domain) in your multisite installation. If you want to amplify that declaration, and I believe this one is pretty much a conceptual thing, as in not really a declaration at all, you could make your cPanel user analogous to your primary domain. In your case, Drew, the remaining 19 would be parked domains on that cPanel account.

    So if you have a primary domain as:


    then you'd have subdomains or subdirectories corresponding to each of the parked domains. Something like:

    well you get the point. All of these could be mapped to their own TLD since they are parked on the primary's account. You would do this by specifying the IP address of the server that lives on, and then on each of the sub-sites, you would go into the Tools > Domain Mapping menu and fill in the blank with the domain to which that sub-site will me mapped. Something like: --> --> --> -->

    When someone types, the URL will resolve as such, but the files will be pulled from because of the domain mapping plugin.

    Hope this helps!


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