Domain Mapping: Manually Assigning an Add-On Domain on Hosting Account

System Details:
Host: Blue Host
Domain Registrar: GoDaddy

Issue: When domain mapping a domain from my GoDaddy account to test if domain mapping is working properly, I ran into this situation:

-Changed A Record in GoDaddy: OK (called support and confirmed using
-Confirmed IP Address on my Multi-Site setup: done & correct
-Mapped Domain inside of child site dashboard via "Tools>domain mapping"

ERROR: The domain does NOT map & health status shows "invalid". I called Blue Host support and they had me login to my account and assign the domain to my cpanel and choose "Addon Domain". This worked and the domain was finally mapped to my multi-site child website successfully.

QUESTION: Is there a workaround/solution that can automatically do this? I do not want to HAVE to manually assign domains that new users are domain mapping to my multi-site environment EVERY time. This would be a nightmare and limit my automation goals.