Domain Mapping & Multi-Domain

First - Happy New Year!! Looking forward to an exciting 2011 from you guys!

Just installed domain mapping and multi-domain. I figured out the name change for the dm-sunrise.php (should include this in instructions).

After install my site is now dragging. From the backend of my site when navigating from one item to another it used to be very fast and now it takes a long time to change pages.

I can see in the notification bar that it appears to be waiting for random sub-domains of my site while changing pages on the root backend.

E.g. I am in the backend of and the notification bar says waiting for then then

As I change to another page in the backend it randomly selects another 3-5 sub-domains to wait for as if it is loading from several different sub-domains.

I didn't get this response until I added multi-domain.

I swapped the domain mapping plugin from for your domain mapping plugin without issue. In fact, this seemed to significantly improve site performance in that the mapped domains respond much faster and don't have to go through the login process.

I added multi-domain and molasses.

Any thoughts on how to resolve would be greatly appreciated.