Domain Mapping & Multi-Domains for Multisite over Multi-Network

Hi folks, I'm a bit lost here: I'm building a Multi-Network (Multiple Multisites under one single install), and it seems that everything works since WPMUDEV Dashboard must be enabled on every multisite under the main install. Still testing... The question is:

Since I'll map different domains to each Multisite, and each Multisite will map domains to the blogs installed under it, and "Multi-Network" Plugin does kind of domain mapping... Do I need to (or can )use use "Domain Mapping" Plugin and/or "Multi-Domains For Multisite" Plugin under a Multiple-Multisite-Network?

I couldn't find any resource on that here at WPMUDEV, so pleae if someone have some light over this subject, I would greatly appreciate. Making a Multi-Network Thank you very much and best regards!