Domain mapping - multiple domains and subdomains

Hi gang,

I've got a domain (for example, mapped to a blog within my WPMU install ( along with a subdomain of the original domain ( mapped there.

We've had the subdomain ( mapped to the WPMU blog for the past several weeks while we were in development. So far, so good.

Now that we're ready to launch, I just changed the A-record of my URL ( to map to the WPMU blog too.

Everything works, except that all visitors to get redirected to, which is bad.

Is there a way I can change the order of the redirects, so that gets priority? (i.e. Visitors to get redirected to ?

For reference, inside my domain registrar, I have changed the 3 A-records to point to my WPMU IP Address.
@ (none) --> MY.WPMU.IP.ADDRESS
* (All Others) --> MY.WPMU.IP.ADDRESS

I also added a CNAME for to point at

I thought I'd done everything right. Have I missed a step somewhere? Where can I check the "mapping table" within phpMyAdmin? Which table does that get saved in?