Domain Mapping - Multiple IP / Cpanel DNS Configuration

I am using the domain mapping plugin and have a question. It mentions in the installation directions that if you have more than one IP address to enter them one by one with a comma, in the configuration area in Super Admin > Options.

I am assuming that this will then allow blog owners to pick from several different IP addresses, rather than just one IP address, on the blog owners settings > domain mapping page when setting up their domain mapping.

My question is about those addtional IPs. How would you suggest would be the best dns configuration for adding more than one IP address to be used by the MU sites at the server / Cpanel / DNS level. I have the parent blog on a dedicated IP, but would like to add more IPs and allow blog owners to pick from a list of IPs.

I came across this article, is this how you would suggest adding more than one IP? I did not see anything detailing this and I would like to try it and have read about several ways to use multiple IPs on one single Cpanel account. Just wondering how anyone else may have done it.