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I have developed 6 sites on a multisite network that will be deployed elsewhere. The client wants then to remain in a multisite for easy management and editing. Will I only be able to setup domain mapping once the site is on the correct location. All the A records have been setup but when I try to map them I get a error saying the DNS isnt set. The current and new location are on the same IP

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Mark,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    Domain Mapping can be used to map domains to the sub-sites of the Multisite install. If these sub-sites are working fine then the next step is to configure "domains to be mapped".

    If you are using a dedicated IP you will want to setup an A record in DNS of each of these domains to be pointing to an IP of your site and also get that IP set the way so it's "root folder" would be the same as a "root folder" (aka "document root") of the main domain of your Multisite.

    If the "domain to be mapped" doesn't respond and browser returns an information that the DNS doesn't resolve, that means that such domain is either not properly configured or that DNS system did not yet propagate the data.

    After making changes to the DNS system it's worth giving it some time. Propagation can take anything from just a few minutes even up to 72hours so if that time didn't passed yet, please wait and check again.

    If this is not the issue, let me know please and also let me know which sub-sites are you willing to map domains to and what are the domain names of these domains that you wish to add.

    Kind regards,

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