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I have several domains registered with GoDaddy and all of them are hosted on a VPS with I have all of these domains pointing to the FutureHosting nameservers accordingly and each domain is attached to an existing wp or wpmu site.

I want to pull all of this together under one wpmu site by using the domain mapping plugin (,, etc.) Pretty standard need for the plugin I suspect.

I'm having trouble figuring out how to add DNS "A" records in order to point them at the IP addresses of my VPS with FuturHosting. Should I be looking in my GoDaddy account panel for this, or on my FutureHosting panel since all of the domains are pointing to those nameservers.

Finally, the main site where I wish to do all of this is also with FutureHosting.

Great plugins!

  • scotm


    Well I believe all of my domains are already pointing to the same nameservers my main site is using. Envision 4 Godaddy purchased domains all pointing to the nameserver of my VPS with FutureHosting. Each one is on a separate wp install.

    Should I simply create new subdomains on the main site and 'forward' the domains from GoDaddy? This seems to remove the need for the Domain Mapping plugin, does it not?

    Anyhow, I also hope to have new blogs created off the main site by members where I'll require this to work via the plugin. Not sure I understood your response I'm afraid.


  • Andrew


    You need to point all of the domains to your VPS via the nameservers for your VPS. It seems that you're already doing this.

    Next you need to remove ANY cpanel accounts using the domains you want to map to blogs.

    Next you need to go to the cPanel account housing your WPMU site and park the domain mapping domains.

    After that you should be able to map the domains to blogs.

    Unless you want to specify a dedicated IP for your WPMU site and modify the apache config to send *all* require coming in via that IP to your WPMU www directory, you'll have to park each domain on the cPanel account housing your WPMU site.


  • scotm


    I'd like to pick this back up again as I have chosen a new hosting provider where I want to consolidate all of my domains within one wpmu install using the domain mapping plugin. I also want to be able to allow new members who sign up for blogs to be able to do the same on this wpmu install.

    I've installed domain-mapping.php in mu-plugins, sunrise.php in wp-content and have uncommented the 'sunrise' line in wp-config.php as instructed. In WPMU, I've enabled the plugin and added the site's IP address within 'Options'.

    I've created a new blog and within the Tools> Domain Mapping option I've added a Custom Domain entry: '' for the Original Blog Address: ''.

    I am now pointing '' to my new host's nameservers. Since this is not a VPS, I've asked for my host admin to create new A entry records for this domain to the host's server. They tell me this has been done.

    This as I understand it should result in '' reaching '' successfully but, alas, it is not working.

    Please let me know if I've messed up on my end. My host admin is telling me I need to create a new sub-domain (I'm assuming in Cpanel) but it seems to me this should not be required.

    I should also add that I think the plugin is working, actually, since when I choose the blog url '' the browser goes looking for my intended domain '' but comes up empty. A quick check at a site that identifies IP addresses shows the domain '' cannot be resolved to an IP Address. This leads me to believe it's either an error on my host's end or with the forwarding of the domain to the nameservers, no?


  • Andrew

    It would definitely help if you provided the domain you're trying to map and the blog it's supposed to be mapped to :wink:

    Note that unless your WPMU site has a dedicated IP (not the VPS, the WPMU cPanel account) and apache is configured to send all requested coming in via that IP to your WPMU site then you'll need to park the domains you want to map onto the cPanel account.


  • Andrew

    So if I hear you right I need to go into my cpanel and park the '' domain, correct?

    Correct. Although see my reply to your next question.

    And I would have to do this for every member who signs up to my main site at who chooses domain mapping as well?

    You can either do that or assign a dedicated IP to your WPMU cPanel account and then modify the apache config to send all requests coming in via that IP to your WPMU public_html directory. Your host should be able to assist with this.


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