Domain Mapping Not Functioning (Perhaps Database Related)

I currently have a number of installs running the Domain Mapping plugin. I just attempted to setup another install using the plugin and I absolutely cannot get it to work. It seems like there is something going wrong in the generation of the necessary database tables. I went ahead and compared two other installs with this one and I noticed that this install is using wp_domain_map as the mapping table while the others are both using wp_domain_mapping.

@Barry, I'll create administrative credentials for you if you'd like to see this install for troubleshooting purposes. I know this topic has cropped up before and it might be useful to get diagnostics off a fresh install which is exhibiting issues.

  • Zyniker

    Well, I seem to have managed to 'solve' this. Here are the steps:

    1. Drop the Domain Mapping tables from the database (wp_domain_map and wp_domain_mapping); both might not be present, drop whichever ones are.
    2. Transfer the following over from a working installation: sunrise.php from /wp-content/, the Multi-Domains file and folder from mu-plugins (if present and wanted), and the Domain Mapping folder from /wp-content/plugins/.
    3. Go to the network dashboard and check the settings for domain mapping, re-save them.
    4. Go to the sites list and check that NONE of the mapped domains are now mapped. If so, everything is going as planned.
    5. Go into the database again and empty (i.e., drop all records) from wp_domain_map (n.b., leave wp_domain_mapping alone this time).
    6. Go back to the network dashboard and enter the dashboard for each individual site that needs mapped (they should be configurable from their unmapped subdomains at this point).
    7. Clear caches and check mappings. Everything should be working.

    Unfortunately, this does require that one have access to a working installation (though I'm sure that members here can provide each other with working copies of the files from working installations if necessary).

    Last step: click here.

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