domain mapping not resolving the old IP address

I had been developing my multi-blog wordpress network using the IP address on the server. Now that it’s done, I’ve mapped the actual domain using a domain mapping mu pluggin from wpmudev.

When I go to the domain name, the page shows up fine, but the IP address shows in the URL bar at the top of the page instead of showing the site as the domain name. So for instance, when I go to the domain, it resolves to the IP but then shows the IP number instead of the domain for all pages throughout the site.

I did download the database and changed all the references to the IP to the new domain name, but then when I tried to access pages, I got a database error.

Is there something I’m missing about how the pages are generated that makes replacing the IP address with the domain name mess up the page references?

Here’s a link to the site (now live):