Domain Mapping not set up, not in database?

Probably an obvious issue, but the instructions are SO short and contain NO mention of the database, I have to ask. Can't find the answer anywhere.

I've followed the instructions and installed Domain Mapping. It's appearing correctly, although I haven't actually used it yet.

But in the logs, I'm seeing this constant error from Apache:

... WordPress database error Table 'fluttershow.wp_domain_mapping' doesn't exist for query SELECT domain FROM wp_domain_mapping WHERE blog_id = '5' ....

What gives? Indeed, the wp_domain_mapping table is not in the database, but I've not seen any instructions on getting it in there, nor apparently did WPMU do it for me. Help!

  • joshmac
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Check the top of the sunrise.php file. the wp_domain_mapping table is for backwards compatibility. The table that was installed was wp_domain_map. You will need to change the settings in sunrise.php in order for it to look at the right table.

  • brigleb
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hm, well that's strange indeed!

    Now I apparently DO have a table called wp_domain_mapping, possibly it was created without my notice since installing those files earlier today. There's nothing in it, but that's not surprising. There is no wp_domain_map table.

    Also, I can't find a sunrise.php file anywhere on my server. Odd.

    So, the errors seem to have stopped in Apache related to this, as well. So, does this mean the plugin is installed correctly?!?

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