Domain Mapping not working!


I'm running a Wordpress Multisite on this domain and I installed your Domain mapping domain.

I followed all of the steps in the Usage section. I first tried the option using my server's IP without any success. Then I found out through my Hosting Provider that it didn't work because the plugin required an independent IP address for each domain being mapped and I had a shared IP. (Is this correct?)

Later, by re-reading the Usage section I saw that there was another way to accomplish this by using the CNAME method. I tried this and it also didn't work!

Please help me with very detailed instructions as to how I can make this work, if not by a shared IP, then by CNAME.

Thank you for your support and prompt response.

  • Ciprian Gherghescu


    Thank you for being actively involved in our community. We appreciate you. Hope this information helps answer your question:

    Dedicated IP:

    Your server must have a dedicated IP address. You can host other sites on same IP address but you cannot host 2 or more WordPress Multisite networks with domain mapping on same IP address.

    Warmest regards


    Thank you also for contribuiting. We love you are a member here.

  • xtremewebsites

    Thanks for your response Ciprian. So I can understand better with my own examples:

    1. My multisite domain address is:
    2. I am trying to point to
    3. Other domain example is to

    Based on your answer, does this mean that I only need an independent IP address for my multisite domain address "" and not 1 independent IP for,, etc??

    Based on my above examples:

    1. What type of record is that wildcard? (A record or Cname)
    2. Do I have to do this in the Cpanel of every new domain? Example:
    a. A wildcard in pointing to
    b. A wildcard in pointing to

    Please help me fully understand this better. Sorry for my examples :wink: but with multisite installations is easy to get things confused.


  • HamRadioDude

    You would create a sub domain in cpanel
    A Picture is worth a thousand words

    This is what is needed for domain mapping
    as far as what your trying to do with

    2. Do I have to do this in the Cpanel of every new domain? Example:
    a. A wildcard in pointing to
    b. A wildcard in pointing to

    I'm not sure if you want more then one main domain you need multi domain plugin.
    if you as talking about sub domains then theres nothing that needs to be done.

  • Paul Barthmaier

    @Ciprian Gherghescu, the following

    Your server must have a dedicated IP address. You can host other sites on same IP address but you cannot host 2 or more WordPress Multisite networks with domain mapping on same IP address.

    seems a little dangerous. I see that you are quoting text that is seemingly related, but it was written about a different plugin. For the Dev plugin, it's not true that you can't have other multisites on the same IP. I have plenty and they seem to be working fine, all on the same IP, but different cPanel accounts. Why this works, I don't know, but you can ask Joe, @aecnu.

    I would speculate that even for Donncha's plugin, it would still be the case that multiple multisites would be fine on the same iP with different cPanel.

    But, my man, why not keep it in house anyway?!? You've got a perfectly good tuturial here and, sure, it's a year older than the one you posted, but, look, as recently as a month ago it proved very useful

    I'm jes sayin'

  • xtremewebsites

    @Paul Barthmaier

    Thank you very much for that great detailed tutorial. That's what the original WPMU tutorial was missing. However I still have 1 problem. I cannot use a dedicated IP. My current hosting provider wants to charge me $4.99 a month just for this.

    In the tutorial you sent me, I saw a comment that said:
    "This can also be done without A or CNAME records by changing the DNS in the mapped domain to the nameservers of the Multisite install.

    You’ll still need to park the mapped domain name in the CPanel of the multisite domain, but this gets around the need for a dedicated IP (although, technically that’s what the nameservers are doing for you)."

    Can you or someone please provide with a tutorial as detailed as the one you sent me but using the CNAME records as opposed to the A-Record(or dedicated IP)?

    If there is another way to accomplish this without the dedicated IP, I would appreciate it. Thanks

  • Paul Barthmaier

    Hi there,

    I checked on the comment that you reference, and to be clear, it's not cName that he suggests, but changing DNS and Parking the domain on the cPanel that also houses your multisite installation. @Alexander Rohmann has a nice explanation about the different terminology surrounding Domain Mapping at Interestingly, his explanation is directed at the guy who gave the positive comment I mentioned to @Ciprian Gherghescu after he learned of the tutorial shared above.

    Basically, what OrgSpring suggested in his comment is to have your client change Domain NameServers to the same ones that your Multisite is using. This way, when a URL using that domain is requested, it will end up at the doorstep of the computer that houses your multisite as well. Of course, once that request arrives, it's going to then want to find the cPanel with the domain and then the database and whatever information that the URL points to. By parking the mapped domain in the same cPanel as your Multisite, you can help pull everything together.

    The problem with this solution is that for every mapped domain, Roberto has to add a parked domain on his cPanel. This is an issue not only because it can mean a lot of work to add each mapped domain, but also because some hosts have restrictions on the amount of domains that are allowed to be parked in a single cPanel.

    So in the end, I'm not really sure what to tell you. Maybe it's time for a new host? But actually, dedicated IP address isn't cheap since there's a greater demand for the limited supply.

  • xtremewebsites

    Thank you very much to ALL of you, specially Paul who provided me with such great detailed explanation on this topic and an excellent resource as that tutorial.

    I was finally able to get the domain mapping working. At the end I was able to still use my shared hosting IP address. What I was missing was the "parking domain" step shown in the tutorial. I have no idea why this step is not shown in the plugin's documentation but if any of you guys are in charge of it, make sure to add this important step.

    Paul, I also did not need to change the domain nameservers to match my multisite domain. Instead the A-record pointing to my domain was enough.

    I asked my hosting provider if they changed this IP ever and if they did, how often. They advised me that they rarely do this (20% chance) and if they do, they would let me know in advance. I can totally live with this since all of my IP addresses will be automatically changed in my hosting account. The only change I will have to do is change this IP in the main plugin settings.

    I would advice everybody not using an independent IP address to ask these important questions to your provider to avoid bad surprises in the future.

    Kudos and thanks :wink:

  • Tom Eagles


    Its not very often that i would do this, but i seriously recommend you change hosting or at least invest in that dedicated IP address, Whats the current cost of your hosting? specifications and also what kind of services are you going to be offering? You are going to potentially run into a myriad of issues when ip's change.

    Lets look at it this way, when you assign a domain name to an ip address its like the address on a letter. So when you update your website with a new IP address how is anyone going to know where its gone, This happens when dns propagates across all the DNS servers worldwide.

    So for example I add a new site on my server i update the dns record to point it at a certain ip address boom several hours later anyone typing my site into the browser lands on my site. Boom job done. All cool.

    Now 80% of the time that's cool for you but when that 20% happens and that ip address changes two things happen 1 ya domain mapping plugin now points to the wrong place, as you mentioned you can change that. BUT and it's a big BUT your shared hostings IP address has changed and now needs to repropogate, so until that happens no one is going to find your site let alone reach wordpress and your updated plugin settings.

    The other thing to consider is any of your clients who have a domain mapped to your old ip will also need to update their records or their sites will point into thin air,