Domain Mapping not working

First off thank you again for the help. I have been going back and fourth with Godaddy (registrar) and hostgator (where the multisite is) and believe I am stuck. Basically I have a Multisite network with Pro sites and Domain Mapping installed. I have a test site and am trying to get multi site to work. At first it was not saving the domains via the sub site’s admin but I resolved this by adding the table ‘wp_domain_mapping’ to the database and it appears to be saving the domain name correctly but the domain is pointing to a holding page on Hostgator. Hostgator suspects it is some setting in the plugin or in server config for the plugin that I need to fix. I did go into my cpanel and went to subdomains and created a new one called “*” to try to add wild card ability. My multisite is set up to use subdirectories too by the way (not sure if that matters). Are there any other server fixes I could try to get this working? We’re kind of stuck in the mud since being able to have your own domain is one of our big premium features…Thanks again for the help!