Domain Mapping Not Working - Saying Health Status Invalid


I have created a new cPanel hosting account with the domain where I have installed WP Multi-Site as a Sub-Domain installation with the Domain Mapping Plugin.

I have created a Sub-Site called millibear ( and configured cPanel Sub-Domains successfully (I.e. the sub-domain is working).

I have used Park Domain within cPanel to add and this appears to be working successfully (I.e. when browsing to WP recognises it but thinks it is an unregistered Site and asks if I would like to create a New Site).

When I view the Dashboard for to try and add the Domain it says that the Health Status is Invalid and Does Not add the domain name.

I would really appreciate some help with this as I only have 4 weeks to raise as much as possible for Charity from just £10 and therefore need this website up and running by Sunday (13th October 2013).

Many thanks in advance.