Domain Mapping or Multi domains?

Hi, I have a Network site with a sub-directory install,
I have 4 sites in the network:, and

I want to create a new network site using, and then map or use those original site url's and sub-directories., amd

Would it be better to use Domain Mapping or MultiDomains? (or any other WPMU plugins).

The purpose is to have more control over the backend and clients would not be able to recreate the work and move on.

I hope this makes sense, I am a tad confused reading about these options.

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Skaarb,

    Hope you're doing well today! Let's clear up the different between these 2 plugins first :slight_smile:

    Domain Mapping: Allows you to turn the url from your subsite ( to a top level domain such as:


    You can map to subdomains too, so could become

    Multi-Domains: Allows for multiple domain options for site sign up. Example, right now you have your sites at but maybe you want to give 2 options or have 1 private url for special situations, so you can add another domain and new sites can then be:

    So, you want to create a brand new network then map existing sites in your old network to the new one? The sites won't actually be part of the new network but just have urls with the same new network url?

    This could work if you don't mind mapping the old sites ( to a new site subdomain, ie.

    The main point here is that these sites won't actually be part of the new network. If you want to add the old sites to the new network then you would want to use something like our snapshot plugin and export the subsite then import it into your new network :slight_smile:

    Hope this helps Skaarb, more than happy to help further here if needed!

    All the best,

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