Domain Mapping Plug in is not working with downloads

I'm using the wpmuDEV Domain Mapping Plugin while it works for everything else It doesn't work for Digital Downloads With a Premium Press Theme I'm using (Shoppers Press) I have a A name mapped to my IP of the Server and its a Dedicated IP of the main site.
The Add on site map Fine But the Digital Download part is not working. When some one clicks the download link for digital downloads it redirects to the main page.

  • Mason

    Hiya DirectoryDude,

    I'm not familiar with the Shoppers Press theme, but would think you'd have to discuss this with them. Whatever they're using to create the download link must not take domain mapping into account.

    I'm at a loss as to how we'll be able to support this one, it really is something they'll need to address (and I'm sure other folks are wanting this). Have you contacted them about this?


  • HamRadioDude

    Yes I have and they Said

    I apologise but we do not offer support for any third party plugins, domain mapping is not part of our theme options and thus is not something we can offer support for.

    Iv attached an update download file, please give the new file a try and see if this helps.

    It goes in the folder;


    I said

    didn't work
    Mark I understand that you don't support 3rd party plugins. But Domain Mapping is a Must for people that want one Wordpress Install with multiple domains.
    Please help me work this out. I also posted over at wpmuDEV

    then he asked if it worked with out the domain mapping plugin and I disabled it and it did on the sub domain site of course.

    then he replied

    Then im really not sure what else i can do, if the plugin is causing the issue please ask the plugin authors to assist you as i cannot help fix an issue with their plugins.
    Thank you for contacting PremiumPress support department.

    You Said

    I'm at a loss as to how we'll be able to support this one, it really is something they'll need to address

    Someone please address it

    I thought about what you said and I'm at a lose as to why you would say that. One person says one thing another person says another thing the author says it not them. I get the impression your saying its not you. I'm So Done with all this. I sent a Message as requested to give to Gina for the developer. are you saying this so I forget about it and say Forget it then.
    Let me stop typing before I say something stupid.

  • Mason


    So, my reason for saying I didn't see how we could support it is that we have no way to test what's going on or how the plugin is creating a download link.

    Their theme appears to have trouble with digital downloads with ANY domain mapping plugin, not just ours: (from a month ago)

    Is the checkout happening on one domain and the product download on another? If so, this could be an issue with the browser cookie being given on one domain - and as they're domain-specific, wouldn't provide correct authorization on the site for the actual download.

    That's a total guess, again, I don't have a way to test anything from our end.

    Is the link obfuscated at all? What happens if you try to hit the link directly (IE, go through the mapped domain to the actual directory and file). If you can reach the file that way then domain mapping is working correctly.

    I'm not trying to give you any impression or get you to "forget" something. I'm explaining what I can and cannot do.

    Another test would be to load MarketPress (or wp ecommerce or any of the free commerce plugins for WordPress) on a sub-site with domain mapping. Do digital downloads work then?

    That'll tell ya where the culprit is for sure. Thanks.

  • HamRadioDude

    Is the checkout happening on one domain and the product download on another?

    Same Domain

    I tried the link directly with the mapped Domain
    and it Worked. So to me I guess it is the way the theme is passing the Info to the mapped Domain. Direct download is not offered it is Hidden (changed) so no one will know the download link.
    I'm going to try the author again. Would be easier if both authors would speak to each other, But I guess I will be the go in between.

    Another test would be to load MarketPress (or wp ecommerce or any of the free commerce plugins for WordPress) on a sub-site with domain mapping. Do digital downloads work then?

    I had too many little problems with Market press and only one theme.
    I tried wp eCommerce didn't like it also tried estore I think that was the name Didn't like it. Shopperspress was the best for me.

    EDITED: New Ticket sent to Premium Themes Support.

  • Mason

    Since checkout and download are happening on the same domain and linking directly to the domain-mapped download also works, I'd say again it's something ShopperPress need to decide whether or not they'll support.

    I understand that the other ecommerce solutions didn't satisfy your needs. I'm just pointing out that they can be tested with domain mapping to further show that there's not a bug in our plugin, but more of an unsupported scenario by the download code of that theme.

    Let us know what you hear back. I know it's frustrating to get things sorted when using various products from different vendors. We actually DO work with several other companies at varying degrees to provide as smooth a process as possible. To date we've worked with iThemes, HeadWay, WPML, and Gravity Forms just to name a few.

    If it would help the ShopperPress folks to have access to our domain mapping plugin, or any other product have them shoot us a message to my attention. I'll make sure they get whatever they need.


  • HamRadioDude

    I just got back a reply from the developer he said

    Mitch as you know we cannot offer support for issues caused by plugins, regardless of which plugin, it simply isnt far on everyone else.

    Sounds like I need to Find another solution.
    I would try Marketpress again but my domains are PR4 and I don't want to mess that up with a different URLs and dropping pagerank because of it.
    unless there is a way around that in marketpress.

  • HamRadioDude

    Update Decided to sell the Themes as the Author from will not work with us on fixing the Domain mapping plug in issue. says its a plugin problem and will not help because its unfair to everyone else if he helps with a plug in issue.But he will not find out if its an issue with his theme or not and just dismisses it.
    one site is converter to Membership plugin using the showcase theme but the problem with that theme its not wp 3 custom menu friendly, So I need to find another grid type theme for product showing.
    then there is the other site converting over to Marketpress then I will be able to sell the shoppers press theme.
    Only problem with marketpress is the url layout is different and will have to see how to remove the store in the url

  • HamRadioDude

    I'm officially free from that theme and Have My sites back on multi site setup and using Membership for one site and Easy Digital Downloads plugin for another.

    I did tell the author of Premium press that if he ever wants to make his themes Multisite Domain mapping plugin Compatable to le me know and we will get together with the Developer of the domain mapping plug in to fix the issue.
    At the moment he doesn't care. So I'm marking this as resolved and putting this to bed.

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