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We use domain mapping plugin simply for the very basic domain mapping function which we realized can be done simply within Core WordPress. We do not sell domain names so we don't need any of that type of function. For this very simple need, what is the benefit of Domain Mapping plugin over simply using WP Core? We have found the plugin troublesome in the past and are not sure we need it. We are trying to trim plugins where we can so streamline our service and performance.

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    Hello Leslie , I hope you are doing well today!

    The WordPress mapping does work, but it is luck of menu features, and if you need them, it will require a lot of modification made on your site.

    With the Domain Mapping plugin, you can force http/https using the original domain.

    The Domain Mapping plugin, helps you to avoid a cookie conflict so you would be able to access the wp-admin from the original domain name, and from the mapped domain at the same time.

    What this means is that if you log in at, the cookie you get is for and not The plugin does network cookie sharing; WordPress will always set it to your network’s $current_site->domain, which could cause issues in some situations.

    With Domain Mapping you can have www or non-www domains, within WordPress, you can choose only one option or

    With Domain Mapping you can also map several domains to one subsite. Exclude some URLs from mapping.

    If you choose in the map a domain without a plugin, make sure that you have set it up properly and tested.

    Let me know if have any further questions!


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