Domain mapping plugin and URLs trouble

Hi guys,
I have installed your Domain Maping Plugin on my Wordpress MU, but I have some trouble with the URLs generated.

For example, I created in my network a new site called ( is the primary domain where wordpress MU were installed) and mapped it to the domain

But, when I access to my wordpress MU and choose to work on the site, my browser’s URL remains (badly) in and don’t change in And all new pages create by wordpress on this website have (badly) permalink like this This is not correct: the permalink should be

This trouble happens with every new site that I have created in my network. How I can fix it?

  • Leo Ji
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hello Cosimo,

    Hope you're having a great day.

    Have you tried logging into your site from the new, mapped domain? I believe that WordPress uses the domain that you've logged into in order to process and produce the permalinks for pages you're creating. If that works, then at least we're certain that the Domain Mapping function is working.

    You can configure how the URLs should work in the Domain Mapping plugin by going to the Multisite Dashboard (not the dashboard for the main site) -> Settings -> Domain Mapping. There are two options, 'Administration Mapping' and 'Login Mapping', which define which domains you'd like to use to login and administrate with. I'd suggest that you used the 'mapped domain' option for your case once you've verified that the new domains are working properly, to force WordPress to using your new, mapped domain for permalinks.

    Make sure that you check the new, mapped domain is working before you select this option! If you don't check that you can successfully login on the new domain, then you might be locked out of the site after you select the 'mapped domain' option.



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