Domain Mapping Plugin: messages and guidance

Hi there,
Some questions regarding the Domain Mapping plugin I've just installed.

My config:
Hosting: VPS with cpanel
WP Multisite 3.9.1 - subdomain config.
Domain Mapping
No other WPMU plugins installed

My main domain:
Purpose of use for a subsite of my network:
This subsite should look like: thanks to Domain mapping plugin. The domain has been purchased independently, the registar is

I am following the following instructions for install and setup:

1. Getting set up

Server IP address: (this a fixed IP)
Administration mapping: domain entered by the user
Login mapping: domain entered by the user
I am not using reseller options

Once I've done all this part, in WP my Network admin>settings>domain-mapping, the following message appears:
"You run an old version of sunrise.php in wp-content, please move the most recent one located in wp-content/plugins/domain-mapping"

2. Domain Mapping
In my subsite>tools>Domain mapping:
When trying to map the domain I've got the following message (I expected that no to be so simple :wink:)

3. A Record and CNAME
> Here I am totally lost.
In this part of the Tutorial "first we will handle a CNAME..." Here should I do that from my VPS (run cPanel and my WP install) or through the Domain Registar (Nominalia using its own panel with very few DNS options see image attached:
(attach image nominalia DNS management)

> CNAME and A record
"CNAMEs are used for sub domain mapping. i.e. you want to map to"
Do I need to set a CNAME given that I want to map a Top level Domain ( to a subdomain-subsite in my wp network (
So here I understand the A Record ("A Records are for mapping TLDs aka Top Level Domains. i.e. mapped into").
Do I set both CNAME and A record or only A record in my situation?

Supposing I only have to set/configure the A Record, we are talking of doing it from my customer domain config panel (, right?

Thank you in advance for your quick answer,