Domain mapping plugin not forcing https on admin side for subsites that are domain mapped?

I domain mapped one of my subsites and I need the front and admin to be https. However, only the front end is https and the admin for the mapped domain is http. The settings for the mapped domain (using the Domain Mapping plugin) on the subsite is set for https, but it is not working for the admin.
It is stated here on another thread LINK that the developers are making it so https will be controlled on a per site bases (admin side and front end) as well as the primary site of the network.
I see in the main settings for the Domain Mapping plugin I can set the main site to either http or https for the front side and admin side, but child sites/subsites has only the https/http setting and does not specify admin or front side.
I am a little confused, but what I need is to make a child site/subsite that is domain mapped https for both the front and admin side.
One side note....I have not setup a cert for this site as I am just testing if the forced https will work within the DM plugin. Does not having a cert cause the https not being forced on the admin side have any effect?
Is the DM plugin supposed to force the https on the admin as well as the front end for subsites that are domain mapped and set for https?