Domain Mapping Plugin Not mapping my domain


I have installed the Domain Mapping Plugin on my Multisite My site is on a shared hosting and using shared IP. I have followed the WPMUDEV Plugin documentation to do all the necessary setup and configuration. In the FAQ it was stated that "You only need a dedicated IP address when using A Records to map your domain."

I have purchased a new domain ( that is Addon to my hosting account. So this new Addon domain has the document root /public_html/ and my multisite also has the same document root, i.e, /public_html/ I read in one of the WPMUDEV support forum that this is required. Also, in view that the domain already have a A record pointing to the same IP address, since both sits on the same hosting account, there was nothing I can edit on the A Records. Hence, I did not subscribe for a Dedicated IP.

I have created a new blog site on my Multisite: so that the new domain can be mapped to this new blog site However, it did not work. The message shown was "Domain name is unavailable for access......"

Also, according to the documentation in it says that to map a sub domain to one of the blog site, we have to do a CNAME mapping. In the documentation, it said that the CNAME field is where it is to land, e.g. Which I understand that for my case, if I want to map a subdomain to one of my blog site the CNAME would be something like since I am using sub directory and not sub domain for my Multisite. However, in the cpanel, a sub-directory is not accepted as a CNAME. It has to be a sub domain or main domain for CNAME. So how do we map using CNAME?

Could you please advise if I am missing out anything?