Domain Mapping Plugin on Hostgator

I am trying to use the Domain Mapping plugin (I know, not a WPMU DEV plugin) on a Hostgator account, but I am totally lost and the support is rather vague. I’ve searched high and low, but am having no luck getting this to work. Any suggestions?

  • drmike
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    every domain must be added as a parked domain.

    I must be missing something here as I thought that was what you were supposed to be doing.

    nbostic, if your still having a problem, it might be helpful to know what you;re having an issue and/or walk us through with specifics as to what you have done so far.

  • joshmac
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    Not necessarily. If you are using the multi-site plugin on an a hosting account with cPanel, you definitely will need to park the domain. With the domain mapping plugin, you only need to use “A” records, however, it would not surprise me if for some hosting platforms you will need to park the domain. Each server’s configuration will be different.

  • drmike
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    With cPanel you wither have to park the domain or setup a domain wildcard (compared to a subdomain wildcard) in the account. I really can’t see a hoster doing such for a shared account though as it would cause issues with the other accounts plus be ripe for spamming abuse.

  • Mason
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    I am using wordpressMU with host gator and successfully have the Domain Mapping plugin, but it defintely requires manual input.

    With hostgator, I have a wildcard setup for subdomains and park individual domains.

    Finally, I have also found that sometimes the domain mapping plugin doesn’t always connect the domain to the right blog ID, so I manually change this in the database. Not the best process, but we’re small right now and it works. Still looking for better (more automated) solutions.

  • drmike
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    Donncha was asking for feedback on what needed to be done for each platform to automate the mapping. With all the different OS’es and hosting platforms out there, I don’t think it;s going to happen.

    I know folks bitched and moaned when he first released it saying that “if they can do it at, they can do it for general release” but folks didn’t realize that was just for a single specific setup with a single specific software setup.

    Even had staff intervention when they first released the feature. I remember many folks complaining on Friday or Saturday wondering why it hadn’t gone through and having to tell them that it would be done on Monday morning when staff got it. :slight_smile:

  • andrea_r
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    Yep, and there’s another server step you can do to automate the whole thing BUT it only works in Apache AND the mu site has to be the first site on the box AND there’s no way any shared host will let you make the edit (and it prob wouldn’t work on a shared box anyway.)

    So that’s why it’s not in the plugin – it won’t work on all cases anyway (calling for more plugin support issues) and some part of it is really server tech.

  • drmike
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    There are scripts though for both CPanel and Direct Admin that can be run under root to add in domains. You would have to check with those websites for more information. I know the ones for Direct Admin have to be modified to run under the FreeBSD we use as they were written for interacting on a *nix box.

    You can run those scripts via a command from php but it’s a bit of a security concern.

    It’s one think to do a mkdir command. It’s another to start messing around with server settings.

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