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We're setting up a central blog that maps to subdomains of client sites (and our site). I've got the domain mapping configured correctly, such that (to use our site as the example) maps to The question now becomes, how do I get to inherit the SEO for the blogs residing on

Thanks for your help,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Grant,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I must admit that I don't quite understand what's your goal here and how is your network built. It would be incredibly helpful if you could elaborate a bit on this, possibly sharing some more examples of both domain mapping setup and what (in terms of SEO) should be inherited from where.

    Would you be so kind and help me with this a bit? I'm sure I'll then be able to provide you with an accurate help.

    Best regards,

  • Grant Long

    Adam, thanks for the reply. Let me try to elaborate to make my question and the nature of our setup more clear:

    Basically, we intend to use as a master blog site from which to manage our clients' blogs from a centralized location where we can minimize the amount of work needed to keep them updated and in good working order, etc.

    We have a wordpress multisite install at using sub-domain installs for each instance. Our web host uses cpanel, so we've set up a wildcard sub-domain that functions to allow the separate sites to operate. Our client sites will be set up such that has an A record pointing to our aireshub host ip. In the aireshub cpanel, we will then park the on that host. Then, using the WPMU Dev Domain Mapping plugin, we're mapping the blog for the corresponding client to their blog sub-domain. We're about to build a new site on, which Wordpress is set up on, and I'll use as an example. So we've configured (the blog for our company on our master blog site) to map to

    So with that all more clearly elaborated, and already set up, I'm trying to figure out what I need to do to get the main domain for our clients, or for ourself ( to inherit the SEO from their blog. sub-domains. It's easy enough to set up Google Search Console on the corresponding aireshub site for each client's blog to use that client's Google Search Console account; there are a couple of methods of doing this that I know of (inserting analytics.js code into the site header or using the Yoast SEO WP plugin). That said, I'm not certain if either of these methods will actually carry over the SEO benefits of the mapped sub-domain blog onto the main site, or merely give us the Google Analytics/Search Console reporting for the blog. subdomain in the main site's account. Basically, how do I make sure that if I write a blog on, for instance, that actually benefits from the keywords used in the blog, any backlinks to the blog. sub-domain, any traffic to the blog. sub-domain, and otherwise inherits the SEO from the blog. sub-domain.

    Hopefully I've made a little more sense with this sophomore effort at explaining my question.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Grant,

    Thanks for your detailed response, this made the case much more clear :slight_smile:

    I think the most crucial factor here is to avoid "double-content" and make sure that the site is not available under two different domains at the same time so the basic and most important step would be to set Domain Mapping to force use of the mapped domain. This can be set during setting up mapping. If the domain is already mapped then please

    - go to the dashboard of the sub-site to which the domain is mapped
    - go to "Tools -> Domain Mapping" page
    - make sure that the "Front end redirect should be: " is set to "Directed to mapped (primary) domain".

    Then regardless whether user/crawler would try to access the site via original sub-domain or the mapped domain, all the traffic would be redirected to the mapped domain. This will be the "301 Moved Permanently" redirect which is commonly used e.g. when transferring the site from one domain to another when there's a need to maintain all the SEO benefits and avoid de-indexation.

    Therefore, if you take all the usual "SEO steps" on the sub-site and this redirect will be set, the "mapped domain" should inherit all the results. To be more precise - the SEO should affect the mapped domain rather than the original one (which actually will not be accessible anyway).

    I hope that helps!

    Best regards,

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