Domain Mapping Plugin Setup With GoDaddy Registrar

Hello, sorry for the novice question but I currently took a site that I had setup on my VPS and deleted it from WHM so the site no longer exists. The site is still pointing to my name servers in GoDaddy. The site is

I created a new multisite network and everything is working correctly. The new site is built ( and I am ready to point the existing domain in GoDaddy to the new site that I have created in my new multisite account.

I have setup the domain mapping tool and everything looks like it is working properly in there.

My question is, do I need to setup a new account in my VPS on Hostgator for the domain or can I simply input an A name in GoDaddy domain registrar to point to the server IP?

Any instructions would greatly be appreciate. Love the plugins and thanks for your help!