Domain Mapping plugin suddenly stopped working (DNS error)

Hello support,

I had Domain Mapping plugin configured and working fine in the morning and in the afternoon it stopped working. I always receive the DNS error now. I made a screen shot: .

The DNS configuration is fine, I checked it also with ping. I also added the configuration in my local hosts file, which worked at the beginning until my actual DNS settings were propagated. Now nothing works anymore.

The background is like this. I also have Pro Sites plugin and I requested support for a payment issue ( ). One of your developers asked for access through wpmu dev dashboard and I granted him. Later on, when I checked the website, the plugin was not working anymore. Only I work on that environment and I didn't do anything between the time it was working and the moment when it wasn't working anymore. So I don't know if he did something that caused the issue or not but someone should figure this out.