DOMAIN MAPPING PLUGIN UPDATE changed Mapped domain schema?

After the last update of Domain Mapping ( version ) the most of the domains reverted from HTTPS to HTTP caused a redirect loop in the admin login page.

Checking the Domain Mapping settings, the schema was changed from HTTPS to HTTP.

  • William Kowalski

    I had already solved this issue by simply changing the name of the mapped domain back to the HTTPS version. The fix wasn't hard. The big problem is why it occurred in the first place. All domains were properly entered as HTTPS originally, and for a plugin update to change that is extremely unwelcome. It could have led to big problems for some clients, and therefore to me, if it hadn't been caught quickly.

  • Huberson

    Hello William Kowalski,
    Glad you were able to fix it! And we really sorry for the problem this update have caused you.

    I cannot really give you the cause for you site specifically as I was not able to replicate it on my own but, there a few rare case where an update might show some unexpected behavior - rare case because all updates are tested before release to avoid such problem. One cause might be a conflict with some other plugins or site configuration.

    We truly appreciate you pointed that out! If we notice any similar update issue with the "Domain Mapping" plugin, we will alert our developers for a quick fix.

    Kind regards,

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