Domain Mapping plugin update reverted default and http/https settings

The most recent update to the Domain Mapping plugin at least partially broke our configuration. It seems to have reverted many, but not all, settings for (A) primary domains and (B) http/https/either settings. This has caused many of the sites in our network to enter endless redirect loops because all sites are configured as either http only or https only (and we do have a mixture). Everything was set up perfectly, then Domain Mapping upgraded and caused problems. Even now I probably have several sites in my network that are "down" because of the redirect loop as I have not had time to check all of them.

Is there anything you can do -- patch it, remote into my dashboard and check the sites, etc.? Note that there is not a "bulk" fix because some sites are intentionally http only and some are https only. But all should have one default domain and none should be set to no designation of http or https.