Domain mapping plugin version 2.0

Hey gang

Version 2.0 of the domain mapping plugin is now available from the usual location. This is a fairly large upgrade, hence the big version number upgrade.

It should now filter and modify pretty much everywhere the domain name is referenced when the site is accessed on a mapped domain.

Hopefully this version should resolve the all of the problems people have been having recently with javascript permissions issues, etc..

If you have any issues, or spot a location that is still using the un-mapped domain, then please post here.

As this is a large upgrade, you will need to replace both the sunrise.php file in your wp-content directory AND the domain-mapping.php file in your mu-plugins directory.

This version also has all of the text within it ready for translation. The location and name of the .mo file is detailed in the changelog file.

Unfortunately, I do not have the software to be able to create the necessary file (.po?) to make the translation easy (don't think there is one for the Mac), but if you have access to it and can create the necessary file, then please let me know and I'll see if I can include it in the archive.