Domain Mapping plugins overwrite plugin_url to site_url so CSS, js etc not loading on site.

I have found a bug in the plugin called "Domain Mapping". its replacing whole plugin URL to site URL. so its create issues. Let me explain with an example. Suppose on my older site js file URL is and I mapped to so now js file loading is I have found a solution using code change. but it is not a good Idea to modify plugin because of plugin updates. Let me know if there is a better solution or workaround. Here is my solution;

I have replace line number 591
$components['path'] = "/" . $path;


if( $path != '' && $path != '/' && current_filter() != 'plugins_url' && current_filter() != 'content_url' ){
$components['path'] = "/" . $path;

in file

After adding this it's working fine.