Domain mapping possible for a 3 server setup behind a load balancer?

Hi there, I would like to throw this into the mix.

We have 1 AWS Elastic Load Balancer that spreads traffic to 3 EC2 instances. Each instance is connected to a main DB server, but each has its own Elastic IP assigned.

Would domain mapping still work with this 3-IP setup? Would it be possible to use a CNAME of the load balancer for the mapping plugin pointing to rather than the A pointing to the entry?

Additionally, I'm using the Route 53 DNS service to map to the load balancer directly.

Hope it makes sense, thanks!


  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey there floris.

    cNames is like and alias, best suited to sub domain names.

    You could specify multiple A records - Round Robin.

    You may also find this interesting:

    Depending on your full set up you may wish to research various failover/clustering options.

    Providing the domain gets to your install, there shouldn't be a problem. With specifics like the set up you require then you would be best speaking with an experienced server admin to be sure of the best way to proceed for your specific needs and setup.

  • floris
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Thanks for your suggestion, Timothy.

    The cluster I mentioned is still in development, so I don't think I'm able to test it yet.

    Reason for initial concern was the ability to specify only one IP in the mapping settings. It appears I can specify multiple IPs, which should have the mapped domain resolving to any subdomains on one of the 3 servers. Hope it'll be that easy...

    Will be testing this soon.


  • Lorange
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hello Floris,

    I'm curious to know what you (or maybe others?) ended up learning/doing.

    I'm currently planning to launch a WP multisite ( service) on Amazon EC2 and domain mapping will be an important feature that I'm going to offer to my end users. Looking for a stable, reliable and long-term solution I like the flexibility of having a lifetime Amazon elastic IP address (important for Domain mapping in this kind of setup) coupled with the scalability of's cloud computing platform.

    Thank you for any feedback or advice (please note that I'm everything but a sysadmin expert and forgive me for my limited English)!

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