Domain Mapping Problems with Multisite

I have a multisite WordPress setup and am having some trouble. I have all the plugins and files installed and set up. I have subdirectory set up instead of subdomains. Both domains own are hosted on Bluehost. I wanted to have my domain mapped to my globalrecruiter subdirectory which is already set up. I was wondering what I am not doing right as I was told a completely different story from Bluehost support that I would be unable to map this unless I used subdomain.

  • Fabio Fava
    • WordPress DevOps

    Hey Matthew Chapman

    Before mapping domains, they must be added on your DNS Provider and pointed to the same place where your WordPress install is. If you use cPanel, you will have to add the other domains (as Add-On Domains I assume, this only works if you have that allowed to your account by your hosting provider).

    Then you need to tell your cPanel that those files are on the same directory as your main install (public_html is the default for most hosting providers, but it may be different) and not to the sub-directory it actually is: then the Domain Mapping plugin will be able to map it internally to the sub-directory child-site.

    If you use another DNS Provider (I use DNS Made Easy), then you will need to add your extra domain and point it to the same IP of your WordPress Install. Then the Domain Mapping plugin will be able to map it internally to the sub-directory child-site.

    I hope it helps, cheers!

  • Ash
    • WordPress Hacker

    Hello Matthew Chapman

    Fabio explained the scenario quite well :slight_smile:

    You need to use same nameserver for both domains and that should be same as your main site. Then add domain as an addon or parked domain in the main site's cpanel. But make sure you point to the same directory of main site. That being said, the directory for both domain should be exactly same and that is the root of your main site.

    Only then, the mapped domain will work :slight_smile: Hope it helps! Please feel free to ask more questions if you have any.

    Have a nice day!


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