domain mapping – purchase domain (eNom) – is there any nameserver setting in the API call?

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I tried to purchase a domain through "Domain Mapping – purchase domain (eNom) with eNom payment gateway. Reading the manual on eNom telling that nameserver defaults have to be set in the eNom account settings. I followed this and purchased a domain, but the default nameserver details have not been taken over. It seems to me a Bug on their side. I have also raised a ticket with eNom for this issue.

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Customer Manuel Fernandez via CSS Web 01/23/2016 05:35 PM

Dear eNom

I have set the Default nameserver Settings according to the Manual (Task 3—Choose universal Settings) and entered and as Default Name Servers.

Then I have purchased a Domain ( through API (with a 3rd Party tool, WordPress Domain Mapping App with eNom Reseller Settings) and I see that the Domain has been purchased. Unfortunately the nameservers were not set. This indicates, that Default Settings are not applied as I understand they should.

I have now manually corrected the Name Server Settings for this Domain, but I would like to avoid that this has to be done for each Domain in future I am selling through eNom.

Would it be possible for you to check why the Standard Settings have not been applied? Maybe I am doing somethign wrong?

Please be informed that my Default Setting has been set BEFORE i have purchased the Domain, I did well read this note in your Manual and followed this instruction.

Kindly requesting your assistance.

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Manuel Fernandez

In addition, the domainpurchase had problems. First purchase (unsing eNom and eNom payment gateway) caused this error after I have filled in the form with credit card details etc. : "Operation timed out after 5000 milliseconds with 0 bytes received"

when I retried the error message changed to "Domain name not available" and checking my eNom account sowed that the domain is there, indicating that the purchase it self seems to had happen but any problems on the checkout page.

For beeing on the safe side regarding the ticket I have raised with eNom, I would like to ask you if the API command does not override the this setting somehow. Does anybody knows really what exactly the Domain Mapping API call is in case a domain is purchased?

This is also in reference to my other ticket ( where annother issue with Domain Mapping purchase domain eNom is open from me where eNom asks what was the API call.

If anybody knows how to "log" the API calls itself I would be very happy. If this is not designed by the tool, maybe anyone who has good technical knowledge could give me a tip if I have to hardcode paste one or two lines next to the point where the API call will be executed from the plugin to bring it dumping the record to a DB table or a text file or something like that.

I do not want to post an extra job for this issue, but I would be willing to pay for this help as the domain mapping plugin seems to be a hard nut (for me) and I really would appreciate help with all my little issues with this plugin. So if anybody would be able to help me I would reward the support. I cannot spend hundered of dollars for this if it's only one line of code) but I would really reward for any help on that. Pleeeeeasy help!!!

OK, let me summarize:

– does anybody (really) know if the API call overrides some eNom default settings with nameserver configurations or if this bug is 100% on enom side?

– does anybody know to help me with my general domain mapping issues? (I am willing to pay for the support!)

– does anybody know how to log the API calls in genereal?

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Please find 2 screenshots,

– first error on domain purchse telling timeout, unfortunately I did not take screenshot on the original form but in backend I could see the same log entry as well, screenshot shows from the log in backend

– second error on domain purchase that domain is not available (but it has been added in eNom to my account). and