Domain mapping - redirecting to original domain for login - problems

BTW: I am referring to my multisite install which I don't see in the list.
This is a subdomain install. The site in question is The site has a mapped domain of

My goal is have folks always log in to the original domain because I have a wildcard ssl cert for but not one for and can't have a new ssl cert for every time someone wants a new cname.

I have domain mapping set up to use the original domain for both administration and login. I have cross-domain auto login set to yes. is currently a mapped domain to I thought that would redirect to It DOES eventually get there but attempts to get to first and therefore I'm getting an ssl warning. If I ignore the warning, it redirects to the original domain.

two questions:

1. Am I doing something wrong?

2. Do you know what the syntax is to create a relative link that brings up the original domain rather than the mapped one? I notice that the meta widget login URL is to the original domain rather than the mapped there must be a way to write the relative link that way, no?

I would like to put a relative link in the footer of all my sites to the login page and want it to be relative to the subdomain.