Domain Mapping -> redirecting to registration page. Help!

I installed the domain mapping according to instructions but I have a problem when I try to access the mapping domain or even the subdomain original, after I have mapped the domain – now when I try to access the blog through either of these directions, I am sent to the registration page and given the following information:


Greetings Site Administrator! You are currently allowing ‘none’ registrations. To change or disable registration go to your Options page.

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Note – when I delete the mapping for this blog’s URL, I can once again access the blog via the subdomain (

Also, if I just remove domain mapping tool and specify the domain in the blog edit > site URL fields, it will also work to access it via the domain. In otherwords, access to the blog should technically work via subdomain *or* URL. But with the domain-mapping tool in place and the mapping in place, both stop working.

One thought – when I go to the admin options I notice the option for Support Only default to “yes” and even when I attempt to change it to “no” and submit… it still comes back as “yes”. Perhaps this is related?

Any insights are appreciated.