Domain mapping redirects to HTTPS

Have a multisite where the primary site and domain has an SSL certificate. I have a domain mapped and it was set to use HTTP, also forced HTTP on the front pages in the Domain Mappings Settings. Yet every time I go to the domain my browser tries to force https then complains I don't have a certificate. I have cleared all my cache and history.

  • Ash
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    Hello rob

    Looks like you surely have a redirect set from http to https somewhere for the main domain. The same redirection is taking effects for mapped domains too. I guess this forcing rule is set in server level.

    Just for testing purpose, would you please disable that redirection (force https) for the main domain? And then check the mapped domain if that works.

    Please let us know how it goes. Have a nice day!


  • Nastia
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    Hello rob

    Hope you're doing well!

    After our conversation in today's live chat, you mentioned that you will contact the SiteGround hosting so they could check for any rules that might been added after installing SSL certificate.

    Please let us know how it went!

    Kind regards,

  • rob
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    My set up was as follows:

    I had a domain with namecheap that I pointed to my server using an A Record.
    I had the domain mapping plugin directing that domain to one of my sub-sites.
    My main domain had an SSL certificate but within the domain mapping plugin I turned off SSL for sub-sites, in fact I forced http for sub-sites.

    Whenever I went to the domain it forced https and then said I can not access the site as I did not have a valid certificate - "Your connection is not secure".

    Go into my siteground hosting account and create a new addon domain for the domain I was mapping.
    Then I went into "Lets Encrypt" and added the new domain. HTTPS enforce turned to off.
    Then I went back into the addon domain and changed the document root to public_html/ rather than public_html/
    You may have a different set up you just need to use the root folder for the multisite install.

    Now when I go to the mapped domain it works immediately, took no time to take effect.

    As a side note I was told by a support staff that you do not need two A Records one for and another for as the domain mapping plugin will sort this out.
    I did find however that when I removed my www A Record the mapped domain did not work with the www prefix. Once I re-created the A Record for www it worked again.

    Many thanks to the people who have helped with this problem, I hope this helps someone else out with the same problem.


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