Domain Mapping requirement – site admin can edit all blog's domains on one page


I’ve got a requirement for our WP-MU system, where the domain mapping for all the blogs in the system needs to be done by the site admin. This means, one (site-admin’s) admin page to manage (view, edit, delete) all blogs with domain mappings.

Currently, we can’t do this right? – site admin has to go the backend of each blog and key in the domain name for that particular blog.

Is there a workaround? or some other plugin i can use to manage these domains in one page?


  • drmike
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    Gotta admit that I’m a big -1 on this. While we use a different domain mapping solution, such a page would be huge for a couple of our installs. It would be easy to mess up, enter the incorrect data, etc.

  • asyraf9
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    Thanks guys!

    I’ll probably find someone to modify the plugin in the long run – but i think i can probably work with Aaron’s suggestion for now (carefully). I read the plugin code and it seems simple enough, but just to make sure – are there any validations you do before saving into the domain mapping table?

    yea, I’d prefer it be handled by our users too – but one of the systems we’re building will be used to help people in rural areas get acquainted with blogs and put their businesses online. We have programs where groups of about 20-30 people come and get signed up to the system, and then be given one free domain name to use. Since they’re not that familiar with setting up sites, each program, the site admin will have to do the setting up – to avoid difficulties on their side. it will be quite a hassle to go to each blog’s admin page to change the domains.

    maybe once the number of sites grow big, we can paginate the list so that it’s not such a big list to scroll down to each time.

    thanks again!

  • drmike
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    it will be quite a hassle to go to each blog’s admin page to change the domains.

    I tell our site admins to go Dashboard -> Site Admin -> Blogs and do “right click -> Open in New Tab” off of the Edit Blog link when they;re doing stuff like this.

    May have to do that off of the Dashboard link for each blog but the idea would be the same.

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