Domain Mapping Reseller API with eNom – payment done but no domain purchased

Dear Experts

I hope you are fine. I just tried to purchase a Domain through Domain mapping Reseller (eNom) but facing to a Problem. I am registered with eNom and the account is configured, but it’s the first time I would like to purchase a Domain.

Unfortunately it gets stuck somewhere. When I try to purchase a Domain, everything seems to work, the PayPal payment site opens and I can pay there, also e-Mails with payment confirmation coming from PayPal, but unfortunately no Domain will be purchased. In the Log of the Domain mapping Reseller I find error entries, but under Details they do not contain any Information.

I could imagine, that this issue maybe has something to do with my Primary Domain Change from to I had a very like issue with ProSites checkout and I had to update in PayPal the IPN, after this my ProSite checkout became working (link to thread here: ) Thanks for gread Support there! Unfortunately I cannot apply the same solution because my Domain mapping is configured to use the proSite payment Gateway and this is set to use PayPal, but there the IPN is configured already for my site, therefore I think the Problem must be located somewhere else. Or the Problem could also be something completly different, I don’t know. Just wanted to let you know about the Main Site Domain Change because I think it’s likely that it has something to do with this.

Would it be possible for you to assist me with this issue?

Support Access is granted.

Thank you for your help in advance and wish you good day! Kind Regards,