Domain Mapping Reseller eNom – payment works but no domain purchased

Dear Experts

How are you? I hope all fine!

I faced to a Problem. My Multisite with Domain Mapping is configured for eNom Domain purchasing. eNom account is registered and should be active there. When I try to purchase a Domain, everything seems to work incl. payment, but at the end no Domain is purchased.


Domain Mapping with Reseller eNom. Payment Gateway use ProSite. In ProSite is PayPal configured. The Payment seems not to be the Problem, it worked, but no Domain has been purchased.

Please let me give further details, maybe this is important: I had a very similar Problem before with ProSite caused by main site Domain Change. After correcting IPN on PayPal Level, the issue with payment in ProSite was fixed. Unfortunately I cannot apply the same fix in Domain mappinapi.g, PayPal is already configured with the right IPN, assuming the Problem must be somewhere else (but maybe it is somehow Related to this, or maybe not). In Addition I have recieved an E-Mail from telling that the Domain that i wanted to purchase was not able to extend (but it was a new test purchase, new Domain, nothing that was existing before, so it doesn’t make sense to me).

Would it be possible for you to provide assistance?

Support Access is granted and in case you wish further Details I could provide whatever is required.

I wish you a great day! Kind Regards,