Domain mapping / slow dashboard load times oddity ...

Just wanted to share an oddity we're experiencing with the domain mapping plugin .... We noticed that a newly created site on a multisite install was experiencing 60 to 90 second dashboard load times, but hundreds of other blogs on the install were loading fine .... since all sites are using almost identical setups and disabling all plugins on the site with issues didn't change anything .... it was an odd scenario.

Also, we've set domain mapping settings to always use original domain URL, i.e. / not the mapped domain

We realized that the we had mapped the URL, but the client had yet to change their name server, so their name servers were still parked with Godaddy .... for some reason this seems to cause the slow dashboard load times with the domain mapping plugin even if the URL for the dashboard is using the .... once we deleted the mapping from the domain mappings settings section, the issue is resolved and dashboard pages loaded normally... or once the client changes their name server to point to use, we can then map the domain via the dashboard and have full dashboard capability without extended load times ...

Anyways, just a heads up in case anyone experiences the same slow dashboard load times ... this may be the cause ....

In any case ... hopefully

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    Greetings Tracy :slight_smile:

    I could see how this could cause a problem with the Domain Parked instead of pointing it to your servers.

    It is my opinion the delay is due to the domain mapping plugin is trying to resolve the DNS for the mapped domain that is not resolvable so to speak until it eventually times out and then the admin dashboard forms up.

    A policy of not domain mapping until minimum that the domain is pointing at your Installation IP sounds like a good practice to avoid this kind of delayed dashboard.

    Joe :slight_smile:

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