Domain Mapping – Supporter with exceptions

I’m sure I asked before but couldn’t find which thread I asked in. lol

It would be great if you could make the domain mapping a supporter only feature but allow super admins the option to override this for certain blogs, i.e. blogs they own or give to their friends for free.

I realise no that when they don’t have supporter status then the site will no longer map which is cool, but not so good for sites the super admin owns. Yeah they can assign a membership but that needs doing when ever it expires and/or giving free supporter status to people whom you might be providing a free basic charitable website to… ie you want to give them domain mapping or some other feature but don’t want them to be a supporter.

I suppose the new supporter with multi levels could handle this sort of thing, you could create a hidden level and assign it those sites only? and choose never to expire? :slight_smile: