Domain Mapping to a Sub Domain

Is it possible to to domain map to a subdomain of the new domain?
Root: >> domain maps to

Thanks for any help.


  • member1

    Thanks drmike.

    My client wants to build a product hub that is branded using another domain but bring the management of it under his content-based mu install.

    He wants it to appear as though each product has its own sub-domain on the product hub. Such as:
    and so on.... but wants to manage it all via his root mu install admin interface.

    My testing on domain mapping requires that the domains must be parked at the root domain.
    Can cpanel-created physical subdomains be added to parked domains and used for domain mapping?

    Thanks for your help.


  • Barry

    Hi Member1

    I'm not 100% following you, but if the WPMU install is at, then you can create as many sub domain blogs as you want on that install (such as, you WILL need either a wildcard subdomain or to park the domains at the root, in order for WPMU to be able to process them.

    Having physical cpanel subdomains will create multiple sites on your server, which will all need their own install of WP / WPMU.

  • member1

    thanks for your reply Barry. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

    the mu install will run on "" and the client wants to add a suite of product focused blogs to the mu install.

    If possible the client wants to use a separate domain (via domain mapping?) to give the impression of a different brand/domain in use. lets say the domain is called

    Ideally each product would appear as a subdomain of the domain mapped site.
    e.g.; to reiterate all of these product blogs would be created under the initial "" mu install.

    So the main question I'm now wondering is,
    Can product1.CONTENTBLOGS.COM" be domain mapped to product1.PRODUCTBLOGS.COM?
    (in effect domain mapping to a subdomain)

    Thanks again.

  • Louis Zanolli

    Is this right?
    You want domains for your sub-blogs and their sub-blogs?

    Main Blog Domain =
    L1 1st Mapped sub-blog = or
    L2 2nd Mapped sub-blog = or
    L2 3rd Mapped sub-blog = or
    L2 4th Mapped sub-blog = or
    L1 1st Mapped sub-blog = or
    L2 2nd Mapped sub-blog = or
    L2 3rd Mapped sub-blog = or
    L2 4th Mapped sub- blog = or

    Is that correct?

    If yes then I’ve done this but never tried with WP family but you can do it manually at the very least.

    You can do just about anything you want domain wise manually and isn’t this like allowing your members to have their own members which is a feature I believe, just turn it on.

    I would also think the domain mapping would have this in mind so each and every blog could carry a domain. Is this true experts?

    Questions then:
    If all of this was true, how deep can one allow members to have members?

    Does it nest infinitely, one or only a few levels?
    Ex, Jon joins under Tom who joined under Fred who joined under Sam, etc., etc.

    Could each have a domain mapped?

    Is the whole thing moot because you can map any domain to any subdomain?

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