Domain Mapping to specific pages

It would be great if the Domain Mapping plugin allowed you to point domains to specific pages on a site. There is a plugin that does that but it would be ideal if it was combined with the Domain Mapping plugin. I see there has been some discussion between the plugin creator and wpmudev (

Let me just explain what I want to happen to make sure everything is clear.

My clients will have a site on my network and most will want to use their own domain name, which will point to the home page of their site. However, many will have pages on their site for different purposes that they would like to have a separate domain name pointing to.

To illustrate, let’s say you have a general purpose home page for your business that lists all your products/services, and your domain name points there. But then suppose you want to do some offline advertising to attract customers to a specific product/service. You don’t want to send them to your home page because there are too many different things for them to get distracted with. You want to send them to a specific page that is targeted to them and motivates them to action. You could send them to the URL of the page, but it’s less memorable and leaves more room for error. So if you could map a domain name to the specific page you want you could just use the domain name in your ads.

The plugin I referenced earlier (Domain Mapping System) essentially does that but it requires changing vhost settings apparently. I like the way the wpmu Domain Mapping plugin works because you just point the A record, which is something my clients can do. I can’t see a way to make the other plugin work for my purposes because it would involve me having to set up vhost settings manually from what I gather (though the documentation is not great). I want clients to be able to handle it on their end.

Do you have any ideas for how I can accomplish this? Do you have any plans to add this functionality to the Domain Mapping plugin?