Domain mapping to subdirectory is the main site of a wordpress multisite.

I got 4 sudirectories

i would point, for ex., to the relative subdirectory

i followed the step by step instructions but with no results.

I think there are two big problems.
On the server (same IP) there are other sites.
Between these, there are the actual wordpress installations.

For example there is the that i transferred to the multisite.

Ask me if i was unclear

  • Vaughan

    Hi @sergio,

    If you are using A Records, then ideally you really must have a dedicated IP address for your multisite.

    If you don't have dedicated IP then you should be able to just park the domain in your CPanel, then point it at your multisites documentRoot (the folder where wp-config.php resides)

    If you have any other multisites on the same domain, that will definitely cause issues too as you can't run them on the same domain from different folders or subdomains.

    Hope this helps

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