Domain Mapping update to seems flawed or broken

Hi Support,

I tried to update Domain Mapping to and my routing went bananas. I got A 404 one website “CELEBRATERECOVERYGIFTS.NET” and I got routed to a temporary page on these are all sites on my multisite install at “”. I use WP Engine as my host and they do their own domain mapping or NAT’ing on top of the domain mapping plugin, but it’s always worked before. There wasn’t an issue with the non-mapped domains, for instance worked fine, but the mapped domain was broken.

Fortunately, I took a checkpoint of the site before updating the plugin and when I reverted back to the checkpoint, it is now working ok.

I would give you access, but one of my other issues (which I haven’t put in a support ticket for) is that the WPMU DEV dashboard is not showing up on my Network Admin page. That dashboard works on other sites, it’s just stopped working on the site. It was only a nuisance and I just haven’t gotten around to deactivating and reactivating the plugin. Also, this is a production site supporting many clients, so I didn’t want to test it.