Domain Mapping - URGENT!!!

I have wasted 3 days now without progress. It has also caused all my subdomains to break. I even logged my problem this morning without any reply.

I wish to talk to someone in real-time as I'm out of patience!!
Im still having problems setting up.

I use cloud flare and have multiple domains and wish to structure my wpmu site in the following way. Do I use the CF Ip or my host server Ip or list both?

1. primary domain = my company domain.
2. root domains = e.g,,
3. sub domains = e.g,,

Basically I cannot add the root domain as there is no option for this in 'Add new Site' section.

I noticed these options in the video but I don't see this in my setup. i.e with these option i would be able to add the root domain site/address to my wp-mu. How do I activate?