domain mapping vs multi domains


I could use a steer on Domain mapping vs multi domains. In one instance, I own 3 domains and want to run them on a multisite, so one on root, and two subfolder installs, then map these two to different stand alone domains. What's the best way to handle that ..? I see I can do add-on domains, and my only issues that way might be customer emails - I am running woocommerce stores on all three btw.

I am looking into this to see if I can get all three to run into one merchant gateway which requires one url, so I thought this might work.

My other scenario is a multisite set-up which I want to run on my server and domain, but whitelabel for a client - i.e. runs on my domain but looks like his, or a set of subdomains of his domain...or his clients.. so I set-up a multisite for him to run marketing sites from for himself and his clients. The whitelabel multisite would be set-up on and I'd want to map that root to his chosen domain, then allow him to create and operate client sites from his whitelabel multisite and map them to or, or or such.. is this do-able and which one of the solutions would work in this scenario - domain mapping or multi domains.. I couldn't quite figure it out, can test it of course but thought I'd ask the experts first.. :slight_smile:



  • Patrick

    Hi @imacg

    Domain Mapping can handle your 1st scenario with consummate ease. That's exactly what it was designed for. :slight_smile:

    And don't worry about emails as the header will indicate the mapped domain, not the original, as seen in the screenshot below from my test.

    Also, if you haven't already, you may want to remove "WordPress" from those headers with a cool little plugin from this post:

    Your 2nd scenario sounds a heck of a lot more complicated. It looks like you are, in essence, trying to map domains that are already mapped. I think you're in for a huge .htaccess headache there.

    I'm not quite that can be done and, if it can, I haven't a clue honestly. But I think my colleague @Jack Kitterhing would be able to provide some insight here.

  • imacg

    Hi Patrick,

    thanks for the quick response..

    I thought the first one would be easy enough, thanks for that. I'll look into the plugin.

    Re the second one, yes it sounds more complicated. All I want to do is to ensure that the whitelabel solution remains within my control and keep the set-up from being copied - to a certain degree at least..

    I want to build a multi site solution that they can brand but that I maintain and build out the key functionality, and not have someone else just come and copy it out and steal my IP which is in the development of the overall solution - plugin set etc..

    I know that might be difficult in an open source platform, but there are ways to keep some of it under wraps, and I want to run it on my server, not the top level could be other domain of course, and that might solve the issue.



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